Winter Field Day. Who’s in?

Winter field day is just weeks away. January 26th and 27th. How many people out there are going to participate in one form or another? In the last two years of being licensed my participation has been limited to making contacts from the shack. I enjoy the outdoors but mostly when it is above 45 degrees. Never been one to snowmobile, cross county ski and the like.

I’m thinking this year I might take it one step farther and participate from outside the shack. I have a garage about 120 yards from the house where I can be out of the weather, setup a portable heater and operate with the portable gear on battery. While I am at it I might invite some friends to come out as well. Maybe setup on 20m and 40m then take turns operating. If I do, I will try and post some pictures and information from the weekend.

If you have plans, I’d like to hear about it. Drop me a message on Twitter, @TheRealJohnnyF or in the comments below. If you take some pictures from your Winter Field Day and want to share, I’d be happy to post some here.

For more information about the event, times, rules etc., visit the Winter Field Day website.

73, JohnnyF, WJ0NF

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