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How D Everyone:

Was excited to get out today and enjoy this great fall weather.  Went to a new mine in my area called the October Mine.  Like 95% of the mines around here, it was used to mine Uranium and Vanadium.  I was pretty easy to get within a 1/4 mile of the mine but that last part was boulder covered trails and deep washouts.  Setup went much better this time and I really enjoyed the afternoon.  Made 7 verified contacts and even made a contact in Guatemala which I was very psyched about!

YouTube video should be done this evening and uploaded by morning.  Living in the middle of no where has many great advantages, Internet speeds is NOT one of them!

If you live near any mines whether they are abandoned, active, historical or even open for tours, please try and participate.  I look forward to what everyone else can do and building this site as we move forward.


JohnnyF – WJ0NF – 100WAAW #1849

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