Start planning your MOTAs for the Spring

How D Everyone.

It’s winter time in Colorado.  Unfortunately for me, all the mines are at elevations where the snow is deep and the trails are slick and dangerous.  Most of the mines in my area are on the mountain sides.  Small trail, sharp angles, lots of snow and ice, not a good place to be right now.  I like some adventure in my life but I also want to be around for many years to enjoy my hobbies.

I believe Indiana Jones was here.

For a lot of people in this world, it is summer time or at least you have mild winters.  Spend some time on the Internet and find those cool mine locations where you can get out, enjoy your part of the world and the Ham Radio Hobby.  For those of us hunkered down in the Ham Shack for a long winters nap, its time to do some research and plan those spring MOTA activations.  Read my Mine Resources page for some ideas on where to start.  Maybe just look up Historical Mines in your area.  Some of them have small parks where you could easily setup for your first MOTA activation.  Maybe they have a Mine Tour you could enjoy and then share with the rest of us?  Plan It and Do It.  Drag a few Ham Radio friends along for the ride as well.

There are some many interesting locations out there with a lot of interesting history.  The mine in the images here is one I have visited twice, before I became a Ham.  I will definitely be going back to activate this one.  It is amazing what these miners accomplished, working in the middle of no where.  I believe they also had a bit of Crazy in them as well.  Building down the edge of the mountain, heating and bending rails by hand to match the slope and curves.  The only word for this when you first see it is, WOW!

Like the sign says, Danger!  You can see people have figured out ways to get into this mine.  The question is, did anyone not make it out?  With miles of underground shafts, vertical drops of possibly hundreds of feet in the pitch black, you just never know.  It’s a lot of fun to visit these places, document with pictures and videos and try and chase down some history online.  Going inside though, is a real bad idea!  From time to time you hear stories of people passing out inside these old mines.  Odorless gasses, you start to feel dizzy and you can’t get out before you are physically OUT.

Even though it is dangerous on the inside, outside it is fun to find, photograph, discover the history left behind and get on the air.  Don’t be this guy where all they found of him is his boot!

Lets see and read about the Mining history in your area and let me hear you on the air.  Tweet your plans @MinesOnTheAir so we can all be listening for you.  There is lots of fun to be had out there and in our hobby.  Plan It, Do It!

Hope to hear you on the Air.  73

JohnnyF, WJ0NF

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