South October Mine – A Bust!

The South October Mine turned out to be a little harder to find than I anticipated.  Once I finally tracked down the specific area, I found that the road was gated off.  It looks like the mine had been reopened under the Cone / Liberty Mine.  Doing some research online I did find a reference to the Cone Mine.  It was listed as Cone Mountain #42 and showed abandoned in 1993.  I was able to get a glimpse of it from an upper fire trail.  It does not look like there has been anyone there in a long time.  So I am not sure why it is still fenced off to the public.  It is on BLM, Federal, land.

South October / Cone MineThe mine that was there before was the South October Mine and from what I can tell, they had opened the same shaft and just changed the name.  There is a record of a mine being in this location in 1953 but I am unable to find exact dates for either of these names.

So, having wasted 2 hours trying to get to this mine, I went to plan B.  If at all possible, you should have another location in mind so your day isn’t totally a bust.  That is if there are any other mines in the area.  So I set off to the Lost Dutchman Mine.  You will find that Activation posted soon.

John, JohnnyF, WJ0NF

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