Pyramid Copper Mine Dumping Area

Well, 10 months after finding the Pyramid Copper Mine shafts, I finally made the trek to reach the dumping area that was way below the mine.  We were hoping that the steam engine would still be there but it must have been worth too much money to leave behind.  However, there was still a lot of cool stuff to see.

The drive was quite an adventure.  1/2 of the road had been washed away a long time ago.  The claim started in 1908 so it has probably been 100+ years since it was last used for mining.  Accessible by ATV, dirt bike and hiking only. The trail was not wide enough in many areas to accept a Jeep or even a UTV.  Most of the time, if you didn’t know there used to be a road there, you would not have guessed it.

Looking forward to next year when I can go back and spend a day exploring and doing a MOTA activation.  Good Stuff.

73,  JohnnyF, WJ0NF

View of the Copper Loading area from above.

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