Project update – 2016-09-18

How D:

Anybody home?I have been working towards getting the hardware needed to set out on my first MOTA.  Batteries, wiring, connectors, storage box, antenna, lots of things to consider.  Since I am relatively new to the hobby, this is all stuff that I don’t have.  In my shack I am running my IC-718 off of a 20 meter dipole made from scrap wire.  The antenna is not suitable for mobile setups and I have no desire to take it out of the trees it is setup in.  I know what antenna I would like for MOTAs but that is down the road, $.  For now I am making a 20 meter dipole that is much more portable.  I am printing the center plate for that as well as some small insulators on my 3D printer.  It should be small, simple and easy to use.

I have a mine picked out that is relatively easy to get to and I should be able to pull up some basic information on its former use for documentation and reference.  It will be a good place to start.  I look forward to printing out the custom QSL cards and sending out that first batch.

I have plans to take some video for YouTube as well as pictures.  We will see how that goes with the limited video equipment I have.  I may be biting off more than I can chew for this first MOTA but I want to do it right.

Watch here for more information.  Time and work will dictate when I can get started but it should be sometime in the next three weeks.

Take care.  73


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