Pack Rat Mine MOTA Activation this Saturday – 07-22-17

How D Everyone:

Found some free time on Saturday and it’s supposed to be Sunny and 94 here in the valley.  So it will be around 85 on the mountain and a good day to activate another mine.

Picked something a little easier for this activation.  The Pack Rat Mine is a series of horizontal shafts in the North facing side of the mountain.  They actually face the Hubbard Mine that I activated last year.  It can be reached by ATV and is less than a mile from the Utah border.

I hope to be on the air this Saturday the 22nd of July around 1630 or 1700 UTC and calling CQ for an hour or two.  I will start on 20 meters and maybe move to 40 if there is no one around.  If I have cell service I will self spot on my Twitter account @TheRealJohnnyF and include @MinesOnTheAir.

As usual I will be creating a custom QSL card for this mine and the first 10-15 contacts will receive a card in the mail.

Hope I get to chat with you on the air.

73  JohnnyF, WJ0NF

100WATTS ID: 1849

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