Pack Rat Mine Activation

How D Everyone:

Had a beautiful day on Saturday to activate the Pack Rat Mine.  Mid 80s, mostly sunny with a slight breeze.  Could not have asked for much more.  The image here is the view I had from my chair and radio table. Tough bands but I had a good run and an enjoyable day.  Check back for more pictures and the YouTube video later this week.

73 JohnnyF, WJ0NF

100WATTS ID: 1849

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2 Responses

  1. Hi John,

    I received your QSL in the mail today (7-31-17), thanks!!! Really cool pix of you in front of the Pack Rat Mine! Before I heard you calling MOTA and gave you a call, I had never heard of that type of activation before, but then, I’ve been inactive for about the last 19 years ….

    Back around 2002 to 2005, I would go out to CO to spend some vacation time with a good friend and former co-worker (N9XJZ-SK) who used to live in Loveland, CO. We would visit some of the parks and go on hikes. Several times, we came upon an old mine site with some of the old iron works still sitting there (usually a boiler or similar item). I was always amazed at how the heck they ever got that huge heavy thing up there to begin with!!!!??? Mule trains I suppose. But we learned that most of the iron and such was scrapped and collected for the war effort back in the 1940’s.

    Thanks for the great QSL, and for taking the time and initiative to find the locations of the mines and to setup and operate portable. I’ll be listening for you on the bands again, and if I hear you on (or another MOTA station), I’ll give a call!

    Mark, AC9PR

    • JohnnyF-WJ0NF says:

      Hi Mark:

      Glad you liked the card. I try and do a custom QSL card for the first 10 people I contact at each MOTA. I think it helps people see what I am actually doing. A lot of the time it makes for a great picture because of the location.

      I just started the MOTA program last year. I really enjoy doing it and will just keep plugging away and try to bring some other people into the fun. I agree on Mine Sites. I see all the steel rail, piping and so on. Then I think about where I am on the side of a mountain and it is just amazing. Those were some hard working and crazy people!

      Hope to catch you on the air again. I will continue to self spot here on the MOTA website, via my Twitter account @therealjohnnyf and I also try and post on the Facebook “100 Watts and A Wire” group.

      I just found out there is a SOTA activation point in my general area. It looks like a major hike but I might try and do my first SOTA at some point as well.

      Take care and stay in touch. Hope to catch you on the air again.

      73, John Fuller, JohnnyF, WJ0NF

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