On to 2019…….

2018 did not see near enough MOTA activations as I had planned. As for most of us, Family, Work and Life in general just get in the way. The elusive Pyramid Group Copper Mine is still lingering out there, unseen by man for 80 years. I believe I have planned that activation 3 times now and it always gets cancelled for one reason or another. Maybe the spirits of the miners that worked long hard hours in the middle of no where just don’t want us there! Spooky…..

Unknown Vertical Shaft Mine

I did manage to get some exploration done in the 2nd half of 2018. I spent a nice day of ATV exploring with a good friend of mine, Mark. Later in the day we stumbled upon a mine that I did not know existed. I thought I had seen all the mines in my general area. This one was not listed on any of the Colorado Governmental sites. Most of them have vague GPS coordinates. The mines were created years before GPS existed so when they were input into the computer system, they just put in rough GPS numbers. I have a feeling that if I do some more searching I will find something listed within a mile or two of the actual location. This will probably be my first activation in the spring of 2019. Right now it would be a long and slightly dangerous ride to try and get there. A photo slide show of this new location is at the end of the posting.

Looking forward to 2019. Looking for better health and more time exploring with my ATV and radio gear. For the holidays I picked up an IC-7300 from a good friend, an end fed 10-80m dipole antenna and a new portable camera for capturing my ATV activations.

Wishing you the best for 2019. May it be a good year for your Ham Radio Activities.

73, JohnnyF, WJ0NF

Unknown Mine

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