New MOTA Activation Planned

How D All:

Plans are underway to finally get a new MOTA activation in the logs.  We are looking to check out the site of an old Copper Mine from 1908.  From the Google Maps view it does not look like much is left.  I cannot tell from the aerial if there was even a mine shaft.  It does look like it is on the side of a hill so their might be something remaining.  It’s always possible they made a claim, dug around a little and then decided to not dig a mine.  The wooden outline of some kind of structures is still there.  Whatever is left, it will be a fun day of ATVs, exploring, photography, videos and portable Ham Radio Operations.  I will post on Twitter when I think I will be on the radio.  I don’t think there is cell service from that location, the nearest tower being 20+ miles over the mountains.  Custom QSL cards for the first 10 contacts with a photo from the location.

73,  JohnnyF


100WATTS ID: 1849

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