MOTA’s you say?

14452083630_2b4834b8a1_oThe popularity of SOTA (summits on the air), IOTA (islands on the air) and NPOTA (national parks on the air) show just how much the Ham Radio community is looking for more things to do with their Ham Radios.  A chance for some of us to get out and enjoy the world with the opportunity for everyone else to be involved from our Ham Shacks.

From the Ham Shack side, we can all participate.  However, not all of us have the proximity or means to take part in SOTA, IOTA and NPOTA.  But can’t we extend this fun part of the hobby into more areas, allowing more people to be on both ends of the radio?  Sure, why not.  Lakes on the Air, City Parks on the Air, Parking Garages on the Air, Camp Grounds on the Air, we could go on and on.  Everyone has their other hobbies and places they have access to.  Others with similar interests would probably love to be a part of it.

So that is why I am going to start MOTA.  Mines On The Air.

I believe it is not only a chance for us to get out with our rigs but a change to pull a little history into our lives.  My goal is to slowly develop a web site and a program to track Mine Activations, document Mining throughout the world and expose the history of Mining to everyone.  Details will develop as we move along.  Like other programs we will track the basics like Mine Identifier, name, altitude, latitude, longitude and so on.  In addition I will require that the first activation for any mine also include a web link to a site that includes information on that mine.  Hopefully we can get some good links to the history of the mine.  If not, a link to a government site that just shows it exists is fine.  Maybe that will prompt people to research the history of the mine themselves.  If there is no good information out there, maybe we can host a web page here for that mine containing the information the activator could find.

There is no limit to what we can do.  We just need to get out and do it.

I hope to get out and do my first MOTA in late September with one or two every month.  QSL, limited edition cards from cool locations would make it just that much better!

Hopefully it takes off and adds one more little thing to our hobby.


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