Mining and History

How D Everyone:

Ran across this picture today. What was it like for these people?  Could you do something like this?  I don’t think I could.

This is one of the reasons I started MOTA.  I want to try and learn about these individual mines, see into the history of the mine and people that worked there. Taking photos, recording video and doing some research on each mine saves and shares a part of our history that we are loosing fast.  I can’t imagine what these people went through. By visiting the location I can get a feel for the area, the external conditions where they worked and lived.  That is as close as I can get to the past.  Documenting what I can for the future, when there is no trace of the mine left to Activate.  Mines that I visited 3 or 4 years ago, before I was a Ham, have in many cases collapsed, washed away or got caught up in a wild fire.  So I am hear to enjoy my hobbies, save some history and ponder a harder life that I am grateful I don’t have to live.

JohnnyF, WJ0NF

100WATTS ID: 1849

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