Lost Dutchman Mine – Activation – US-CO-ME-LSTDTCHM

Sun setting, activation done. Pack up before it gets cold.

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It was below freezing that night on the mountain.

How D:

Headed out on Saturday, Oct 22nd, to find and activate the South October Mine.  Didn’t work out like I thought, see post.  So I decided to run about 8 miles west to the Lost Dutchman Mine.  I had been here before but have never activated it or documented it for this project.  I knew it was on federal land and knew I still had enough time to activate, so off I went.  It is hunting season right now so I made sure I was visible as a Human the whole time.  Another safety consideration when out in the woods.

The Lost Dutchman Mine started production in 1955 and the last reference I have for it was in 1993.  Sometimes listed as Lost Dutchman #4, it was registered as a Uranium/Vanadium mine.  The mine was established on the Shakin Quakie Uranium Deposit.  I have found it listed under multiple claims including Brush Prarie Minerals and under Rajah Ventures, LTD.

This mine is about a 1/2 mile hike from where you could park a car. If you have an ATV you can get to about 100 yards away. There is not anything left of the equipment used at this mine. The government has been there to clean up the location. However, instead of blowing up or burying the entrance, they have bolted in a steel gate. So you can see into the mine and it is pretty cool. There is lots of room to setup and some kind of screen from the sun is recommended as there is no shade.  There are a couple of other mines close by that you can actually see from that location. The Hubbard Mine and the Packrat Mine.

Enjoyed the day and added one more activation to the project.

Take care.

JohnnyF, WJ0NF, 100WAAW #1849


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