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Palisade in Gateway, CO.

Palisade in Gateway, CO.

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My friends call me John, JohnnyF or WJ0NF on the air.  I got started in the amateur radio hobby and received my license from the FCC on August 26th, 2016.  I did all my studying while in College and never wanted to do that again!  So when it came to getting my license, I was not so excited about studying for the test(s).  So I decided to cram for the tests, all at once and get it over.  It was 20 days to the next test session, so that is all I did every night and weekend.  Happy to say I took all 3 tests at the same session and walked out with my Amateur Extra License.

Picked up a Baofeng VHF/UHF just to get on the air.  Then started saving for an HF radio and all the stuff.  Built a 20 meter dipole from some old direct burial wire I had laying around.  Ordered some bulk RG-8X, fittings and misc stuff.  Then finally got my first HF radio, an iCom IC-718.  Since then I sold the IC-718 and got a Yeasu FT-891, since I do mostly portable HF.

In the process of learning about the hobby I found the SOTA, IOTA and NPOTA programs interesting and a lot of fun.  I decided to start this site and the MOTA project because Mines are everywhere in my area and I was already checking them out and researching their history.

3 years into it and I now have an IC-7300, Kenwood TH-D74, AnyTone D868, ID 5100A & two Hot Spots that run DMR and D-Star.  I still have my original Baofeng, which is used for hiking and my FT-891 for portable HF Ops.

I grew up in Michigan then moved to Colorado in 2010.  I am an IT Director for a Resort here in Colorado and love this part of the country.  I am hoping to create YouTube videos of my MOTAs, create mine specific limited edition QSL cards and share the hobby, the history of mining and this beautiful part of the country.

Feel free to drop me an email if you have any questions.  You can also try and catch me on my new D-Star Reflector, XRF144B.


JohnnyF – WJ0NF – 100WattsID:  1849

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