It’s about time to start exploring……………..

Spring always arrives late at the higher elevations but the snow is mostly gone and there are a lot Mines to discover and active in 2017.

It seems you always start the year off with great plans and life manages to get in the way.  It has been an slow start to my spring as I managed to pinch a nerve in my back.  My ATV also decided to pinch a nerve in the front axle assemblies.  So we are both working out the kinks to get started on more adventures.  I did manage to get a new antenna mast and tri-pod from Buddipole so I am looking forward to deploying that.

There are a lot of Uranium mines I am looking at for upcoming activations but there is one Copper mine from the early 1900s that I am very excited about.  Not sure there will be much left but once I tracked it down on Google Earth, there is at least something on the ground to show it was once there.  Might be my first MOTA of the season. 

I should have all my parts back in place for an early June activation.  Parts on both myself and the ATV.  So check back for more details or watch my Twitter account for notifications.  Looking forward to seeing others doing MOTA activations in 2017.  Do some research, pick a destination and get out and enjoy nature and your hobbies.


73,  JohnnyF


100WATTS ID: 1849

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