Installation and Readings from my MyAntenna EFHW-8010P EFD

How D Everyone.

It’s been a while but Family and Work always take precedence.  I was able to get the MyAntenna EFHW-8010 installed the weekend following it’s arrival.  It was a bit of work as I was having issues getting it over some trees to get to the tree at the right distance for the antennas length. I don’t often hang antennas in trees so I didn’t have any special tools to shoot a weight over the trees.  I ended up attaching the business end at the eve of the house’s roof.  It is only 10′ off the ground at that end, but rises up to about 30 feet in the tree at the far end.

I was concerned about the over all height of the antenna but there were not many options and according to the manufacturer, height does not have a great effect on the SWR.  It definitely has an effect on the signal pattern but I was just happy it was up there. It turns out, they were correct and I was very happy with the SWR all across the HF bands.

Below is a table of the SWR readings on each band after installation.  Overall, I am really happy with the results.  Where is pushes the SWR a little high, my tuner will be happy to take care of it.

I have been really happy with the performance of this antenna.  It gives me the opportunity to switch between End Fed and my vertical on 10m thru 40m.  It also gives me 80m, which was one of the main reasons I got it.  I have been using it for 4 months now.  It has stood up well to cold temperatures and high winds without issue.  I would recommend this antenna to anyone.  It was a great addition to my Ham Shack.

73, John, WJ0NF 

100 Watts and a Wire ID:  1849

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