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Hubbard Mine Aerial

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Wow!  What a great location to activate.  The weather was perfect for this one.  The last time I was there it was in the upper 80’s at 6,880 feet and no shade.  All I carried that time was a camera and a couple of bottles of water.  It was a tough hike then.  This time it was mid 60’s, partly sunny and a little breeze.  However, I had the bright idea to take everything including the kitchen sink.  Steep elevation changes, loose rocky soil, boulders, uneven ground, heavy brush and I was carrying 50 lbs of gear on my back for a little over a mile, round trip.  I am paying for it today and you can bet I will better plan for it the next time around!

Of all the mines within an hour of my Ham Shack, this is by far the best for giving you that sense of history.  Buildings and large artifacts everywhere.  The BLM and/or DNR have done a great job of leaving the history for us to experience, making it as safe as possible and preventing others from stealing that history from us.  It is impossible to get a vehicle back to this area or to carry any of these heavy materials out.

The Hubbard Mine does not have a lot of information on record that I can find.  It looks like it might have opened in 1973 and closed some time in the early 1980’s.  It is located on North Deloris Point and they mined Uranium and Vanadium.  This mine is maybe a 1/2 from the Lost Dutchman Mine and across a small valley from the Packrat Mine.

I spent a lot of time taking pictures and trying to see everything that there was.  I took my friend Shaun along for the adventure.  He is an avid, accomplished photographer and studying for his Ham Radio license at this time.  Hopefully you will here him on the air doing MOTA activation’s in the coming months.

Really enjoyed this activation and I am sure I will be activating this mine a couple of times next year.  I think I would like to make this the unofficial mine of the MOTA program.  In my personal plans for MOTA Activations, I am sending out a custom QSL card to the first 10 people I activate from each mine.  Something they can collect and know there are a very limited number of.  For this, the unofficial mine of MOTA, I would like to send out a QSL card to Every activation I make from this location.  So next year when the program in gaining momentum and I am working that pile up for activation’s from the Hubbard Mine, everyone will know they are getting that custom card.

A short video with the slide show built in will be on YouTube this week and linked form this site, so watch for that.

Get out and activate your own local mine.  Share the hobby, the fun and the history with the rest of us.


JohnnyF, WJ0NF

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