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When I talk with people about the Ham Radio Hobby, going out in the woods on Field Day, doing MOTA activations, setting up antennas and such, the conversation always includes safety questions.  A news report today just highlights why we need to consider safety in most any hobby we have.  For the 4th time this year a hiker climbing a 14’er has died.  Denver 7 News  From all accounts this person was an experienced hiker but sometimes stuff just happens.  My thoughts to his family and friends.

MOTA activations can include remote locations, hiking, weather, difficult terrain and of course the Mines.  So we have to consider these things, be prepared and be careful.  A MOTA activation carries no more risk than most any other hobby out there.  Like every other hobby, you need to make sure your ready for those rare occasions when something goes wrong.  There are lots of websites and YouTube videos out there that give great information on preparing for the unexpected in what ever part of the world you are enjoying.  Take the time to use those resources.  We all want to hear from YOU about YOUR adventures.  Not from the news.

Be prepared, make good decisions and enjoy your hobby!

JohnnyF, WJ0NF

100WATTS ID:  1849

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