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Guy-Rope-StakesHow D:

In the past I have just carried the simple metal tent stakes with me when doing MOTAs or any other portable ops.  I was not real happy with the metal ones as they tended to bend here and there as time went on and just didn’t bite well into the sandy/loose grave type soil we have here.  At this last Field Day I noticed that they had some real nice plastic spikes that we were strong and light.  I really liked them but no one seemed to know where they came from.

After much searching I finally found them on Amazon.  I have heard that Cabels might carry them as well.  The reason I had a hard time finding them was that they never came up in tent stake searches.  They actually came up when I searched for Tree Stakes.

I do recommend these.  They are thicker and do take up a little more space in the pack.  However, they are lighter, hold better in the ground and importantly, they come in bright colors for safety.  Can’t tell you how many times people have walked into the stakes or guy ropes, even with safety streamers on them.

73, John, WJ0NF

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