Fox Mine – Nature Said No!

Fox Mine Rail to Entrance

How D Everyone.  Got a good start last Friday morning heading out for the Fox Mine.  Mostly sunny, low 70s when I started out and a slight breeze.  The Fox Mine is about 30 minutes south of my QTH.  It is down Hwy 141 near the missing town of Uravan.  A former Uranium mining town that was so radioactive, the government scraped the area clean and it is nothing but a flat strip of land with tumble weeds.

From the point where I parked and dropped off the ATV, it is about a 20 minute ATV ride.  A very cool area with lots of history laying around and a whole slew of mines.  I enjoy the Fox Mine because of the very cool entrance to the mine.  Mining rails running down the cliff and then a sharp turn into the darkness.  Something right out of Indiana Jones!

Mine Location StatsI got the usual setup going.  Although this time I and some extra parts for my Buddistick which allowed me to convert it to a Buddipole.  So I setup a 20m dipole, the FT-891 and the Bioenno Power Battery.  I was setup at about 5,600 feet in the shade of a decent size Juniper.  Had only been calling CQ MOTA for a minute or so when a strong call came back from W1RK, John, who was in Carlsbad Canyon.  While chatting with him I noticed a few crashes coming over the radio and figured there was a storm somewhere between us.  A few minutes later I noticed I could hear the thunder via the radio and my ears!  Bummer, I had only been setup for about 20 minutes.  I could see the dark cloud slowly moving over the top of the mountain.  

Storm Rolls InMother Nature won this contest.  I packed up as quick as I could.  The Junipers, topping out at about 15 feet, are the tallest thing up there.  Figured I was a close second for a grounding rod and needed to move on.  Took a few more pictures on my way out and just beat the rain back to the truck by about 10 minutes.

Kind of a short trip but anytime I can get out and enjoy my hobbies is a good time.  I will definitely be back to activate Fox Mine again.  Hopefully this year.

Thanks to everyone over at 100 Watts and a Wire that listened and tried to contact me during my short HF run.  Much appreciated.  Thanks to John, W1RK for the contact.  You will be getting a custom QSL card in the mail soon.

141 Overlook

Picture 1 of 14

That is a different mine below. This was on my way to the Fox Mine.

73 Everyone.

JohnnyF, WJ0NF

100WAAW ID:  1849


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