Fires in local MOTA locations

6 Miles East - Taken from the front yard of MOTA Headquarters.As with many parts of Colorado, fires have moved into my main MOTA area.  Last Tuesday a fire started about 6 miles East of my QTH and luckily moved East, continuing on government land.  This fire has moved up and over the ridge line away from the QTH but continues to burn.  Last I heard it was at 1,600 acres.

Then South of the QTH another fire started a couple of weeks ago and it is still going.  It has now consumed over 30 square miles of land.  The smell of burning wood is ever present in the air.  We have been without rain for months now so everyone’s thoughts are on the weather.

Helicopter support has setup at the resort here in the valley as they have some nice cleared areas for operations, some water access and of course hotel rooms for the fire fighters.

I am hoping to go out on a MOTA activation this coming Friday but the local fires may have something to say about it.  Throw a few good thoughts our way for some rain!

73, John, WJ0NF

6 Miles East - Taken from the front yard of MOTA Headquarters.

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It has since moved up over the ridge and is still going. last I heard it was over 1,600 acres.

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