Finally found the Austin Mine

How D Everyone:

Had the chance on Saturday to do some ATVing and Hiking with the XYL and a friend of ours.  Spent the better part of the day vising different mines, taking pictures, exploring and just enjoying the day.  While we were heading towards one mine I saw an old two track trail off to the side and remembered that my research had show that there used to be a mine called the Austin Mine off in that direction.  So we cut down that way and did some exploring.

Not to far into it we found that they had done a bunch of trenching on that trail to mitigate damage from water run off.  It changed from a casual trail to a challenging trail quickly.  The ladies stopped to do some photography and hiking and I pushed on through to see if the mine still existed.  I could see the dumping area on Google Earth but no sign of a mine from those images.

After getting stuck twice, I managed to find the dumping field where I had to stop.  A little hiking and I did find the mine in the side of the mountain.  I was very happy to see that it still existed.  So there is another mine, fairly close to the QTH, that I can activate one day.  The trail is really bad and hauling all my gear down there on ATV is not going to be easy.  If I had a more portable rig I could just hike the last mile.  So maybe that is my next equipment challenge, can I pair down everything to a reasonable hiking weight.  If money was no object then sure, I could do it.  Doing it with what I have now is another question.  Sounds like a challenge!

Still working on the video for the Pack Rat Mine.  Hope to have that posted soon.

Do some research on your area and get out and do a MOTA activation.  We want to see pictures and information from your Adventure!

73 JohnnyF, WJ0NF

100WATTS ID: 1849

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