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MOTA on D-Star

How D Everyone: I am happy to announce that I now have a D-Star reflector up and running!  Just one more facet of this incredible hobby.  After doing a bunch of research on the...


Fathers Field Day!

Yep, it’s Fathers Day.  With Field day being next weekend, what better opportunity do you have to get your Ham Enthusiast something they really need!  Better yet, get yourself something.  I’m sure you deserve...


Want to go to Mars?

For me, the answer would be YES!  Let’s be real though, most of us will never get the chance to even bush the cheek of space let alone explore the expanse of her reach. ...


APRS IDs – Explained

How D: In the instructions for setting up your iGate from my article, APRS iGate from a Raspberry Pi Zero, it talks about setting your Call Sign and SSID.  You know your Call Sign...


Winter Field Day. Who’s in?

Winter field day is just weeks away. January 26th and 27th. How many people out there are going to participate in one form or another? In the last two years of being licensed my...


On to 2019…….

2018 did not see near enough MOTA activations as I had planned. As for most of us, Family, Work and Life in general just get in the way. The elusive Pyramid Group Copper Mine...


Fires in local MOTA locations

As with many parts of Colorado, fires have moved into my main MOTA area.  Last Tuesday a fire started about 6 miles East of my QTH and luckily moved East, continuing on government land. ...


There’s got to be a better way to get new Hams

“To Experience, Motivate then License. Not License, Motivate then Experience” Many people believe that Amateur radio is struggling today and that we may be losing ground in the number of people enjoying the Hobby....

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