Author: JohnnyF-WJ0NF


Uranium, the miracle cure!

When I visit a lot of these uranium mines I have to wonder about the people that worked in them and how it affected their lives?  They had no idea what they were dealing...


MOTA on D-Star

How D Everyone: I am happy to announce that I now have a D-Star reflector up and running!  Just one more facet of this incredible hobby.  After doing a bunch of research on the...


1908 Copper Mine – Found

If you recall from previous posts, we made an attempt to find this mine but most of the two track had long washed away.  We scheduled a number of attempts but work always got...


Guy Rope Spikes

How D: In the past I have just carried the simple metal tent stakes with me when doing MOTAs or any other portable ops.  I was not real happy with the metal ones as...


Fathers Field Day!

Yep, it’s Fathers Day.  With Field day being next weekend, what better opportunity do you have to get your Ham Enthusiast something they really need!  Better yet, get yourself something.  I’m sure you deserve...

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