Attempt on Sandy Mine – US-CO-MO-SANDY


A little over a week ago I made a trip down to the Sandy Mine for an activation.  It was one of the last nice days of 2016.  Sandy Mine is accessible by ATV and hiking.   However, it won’t be too many more years and the old county road will be closed to every thing but hikers.  The Sandy mine was opened in 1953 under Union Carbide Corporation.  From what I could find the mine closed some time around 1972.  They were mining for Uranium and Vanadium.

US-CO-MO-SANDY-4Unfortunately, I picked a bad day for an activation.  It was election day, 20 meters didn’t seem to be doing very well and I am not sure that I was in a good location to be getting out.  I made two contacts, one of them actually on VHF via a repeater that was a long ways off.  For the most part, I felt like I was just talking to myself!  It was a beautiful and relaxing day, just not enough activity to get three contacts for an activation.  I am sure I will make it back there in 2017.  Chances are the weather will not allow another activation on top of the mountains in 2016.  I have one or two possibilities at lower elevations and I may give them a shot before the end of the year if I can get a fairly warm day to spend outside.

The last image here is overlooking the former town of Uravan.  Uravan was a former Superfund site.  It was established in 1936 to extract Vanadium for the war efforts.  Later Uravan provided uranium for the Manhatten Project.  Abandoned in the 1980’s everything had to be torn down and disposed of because of radiation.



Happy Thanksgiving, 73

JohnnyF, WJ0NF

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