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If you have not read or skimmed over my article, Add GPS to your Windows Laptop for $14, you might want to do that first so you know what I am discussing here.

In the original article I failed to mention some of the nice features of the GPS2Time software written by Douglas Hunter, VK4ADC.  In addition to giving you the ability to sync your PC clock with the satellites, it also gives you your Latitude and Longitude (in both formats), your height in Meters and the big bonus, your 8 character Grid Square!  In my case it shows DM58mq67.  Updating your grid square is a must if you are running FT8 and this makes it that much easier.

Lastly, if you want to get even more information out of your GPS dongle, try downloading and installing a free copy of VisualGPSView from Visual GPS LLC.  This gives you a visual representation of your GPS data, what satellites you are seeing, signal strength and where they are located in the sky.  More information then you could ever want.  Note that you cannot use GPS2Time and VisualGPSView at the same time.  The incoming GPS data can only go to one program at a time.

Hope you found this useful.  I will see you running digital modes this Field Day.

73, John, WJ0NF

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