Activation Requirements

So, what do you need to Activate a mine and have it added to the database?  You will need to fill out the Activation Form with the information below.  You will also need to provide at least one picture and up to 4 pictures of the location, if you like.  One photo must include your Ham Setup (portable ham shack) in front of the mine or a sign with the mine’s name on it.  I encourage you to include yourself in that picture if at all possible.  You don’t have to be right up in front of the mine.  As long as the mine is in the picture, you are fine.  This will be used as proof you were there and you performed the activation.  An online link to the pictures should be included in the Mine Information section of the form or a note for me to email you for pictures.  The only other requirement is that you make QSOs.  The first 3 contacts, Call Signs, must be noted in the online form.

Until the site is fully up and interactive, I will need Activators to fill out the Activation Form using the guidelines below.  Required fields are indicated.  If a valid email address is not included for me to get questions answered or obtain pictures, your activation will be discarded.  There is a PDF printable form you can take with you to make sure you record all the information.  PDF copy of form.

  • Location-ID  (required field)
    • The Location Identifier in the United States is “US” plus a two letter State ID and a two letter County ID separated by a dash. So for my location in Mesa County, Colorado, the Location ID would be: US-CO-ME
      The first two letters of the County should be used as the county code unless it is already taken. Then use the next letter in the spelling. So if ME was already used for Mesa county, MS would be the next code.
      Other countries should use a similar naming convention based on provinces, regions, etc.
  • Mine-ID  (required field)
    • The Mine Identifier should be a 2-8 letter acronym for the name of the mine. It will be combined with the Location Identifier to uniquely identify the mine. So duplicates are ok as long as they do not have the same Location Identifier. In the case of unavoidable duplicates, a incremented 2 digit number should be added to the end of the mine name.   Example: “Mores Mine” might be: MM, MORESM, MRSMN, ETC.
      When combined with the Location ID you get the Unique ID for the mine:  US-CO-ME-MORESM  Note this is created automatically.  You just need to indicate a Location and Mine ID.
  • Name of Mine  (required field)
    • This is the name of the mine as documented by a government authority.  If no name can be identified, include the local name for the mine or indicate NA for not available.
  • Altitude  (required field)
    • In Feet, please.  It will be converted and noted in Feet and Meters in the database.
  • Latitude  (required field)
    • Standard Notation.  38.613240
  • Longitude  (required field)
    • Standard Notation.  -108.853740
  • Date Activated  (required field)
    • YYYYMMDDD – 20160917
  • Your Call Sign  (required field)
  • Your email address  (required field)
    • This will not be shared on the web site, it is only used for me to contact you with questions and to obtain pictures.
  • # of Contacts Made  (required field)
  • Call Signs of 3 contacts  (required field)
    • Indicate 3 call signs of spotters you activated the site with, separated by a comma.  Example:  AA0AAA, BB2BBB, CC3CCC
  • Web Information Link
    • Search the Internet and see if you can find any information on the mine.  Some are well documented and others are not.  If you can find any link at all, include it here.  Even a government site that just shows it on a map or that just lists the name will work.  If you cannot find any information, leave the field blank.  Then in the mine information field, include a basic description, any rumors you have heard about the mine, etc.
  • Mine Information
    • Any relevant information about the mine that is not included on the web site link you included. A link to the location of online photos or a note stating that I should email you for photos.
  • Government ID
    • If you can find it, please enter the unique identifier that the federal or state government has assigned to this mine.  It is usually an alphanumeric ID.  In Colorado it is something like:  M1980124
  • Permittee
    • The name of the company that pulled the permit for this mine.
  • Type of stuff mined
    • What was mined at this location?  If more than one item, separate them by a comma.  ie.  Uranium, Vanadium

In the future I hope to have logins for the site and to streamline the activation process.  Please bare with me.


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