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MOTA – Mines On The Air

Picture of a Colorado Uranium mine taken through the outside bars. Taken by my good friend Ricky, rest in peace my friend.

Picture of a Colorado Uranium mine taken through the outside bars. Taken by my good friend Ricky, rest in peace my friend.

Like SOTA, Summits On The Air, Mines On The Air (MOTA) is an opportunity for Ham Operators to get out, enjoy our hobby and bring others (spotters) along for the ride.

It is meant to promote the hobby, enjoy the world around us and bring a bit of history into our lives.

I encourage activators to document their adventure with pictures and videos that they can share with everyone.  Either via this site, their own sites or YouTube videos.  We will include those links in each activations entry.  I would also encourage activators to bring back part of the enjoyment via QSL Cards.  If you have the means, spend a few dollars and create one of a kind, limited edition QSL Cards for the spotters that couldn’t be there.  I plan on doing limited runs of 20 – 30 cards per activation.  Each card will be a picture of the mine from an activation with all the normal information on the back.  Postcards can be easily obtained via any number of Internet sites as well as local printers and office supply companies like staples.  I have seen them for under $1 per card and as low as 65 cents a card.   Not a requirement but it does bring something to the hobby.


We are just starting out and I am sure things will change as the project grows.  For now I would like to create a form where MOTA Activators can fill out the relevant information and submit it for addition to the database. Mine Overlook Once the project grows past a critical point, we will have to move to a more interactive site where you can search through the database and upload information on your own though logins.

Activation Requirements

So, what do you need to Activate a mine and have it added to the database?

I thought a lot about this.  I really want this to be as simple as possible for people to participate.  So I am just going to ask for the basic information to show people where the site is, photographic proof you were there and hopefully an Internet Web Site link to where people can learn more about the mine and it’s history.  For extensive details, please refer to my Activation Requirements page.

Safety & Security

Let’s talk about our safety for a moment.  This project is not meant for people to risk their health or lives by exploring unsafe locations.  No more than SOTA or IOTA.  In each activity you need to use common sense.  Stay out of these old mines and be safe.  Also realize that not all mine locations are open to the public.  Some mines are active and some are on private land.  Make sure you know ahead of time what legal access you have to the location.


I am working on different designs for activation certificates and hope to have something in the near future.  I am not a graphics designer so it is taking a while.  lol


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