5th Time is the Charm – I Hope!

For the 5th time in 2 years we are going to try to find and activate the Pyramid Group Copper Mine that was established in 1908.  We know where it is but getting there is a whole nother issue.  A couple of the two track roads that went there have long been lost to wash outs, juniper trees and tumble weeds.  We made one attempt in 2017 but with the number of small valleys and washed out ravines it was easy to get lost.  Our other attempts were cancelled due to schedule issues and weather.

Hopefully we will make it on Friday the 31st and you will hear me on 20 meters around 1800 or 1900UTC.  The nearest cell tower is 20+ miles with a couple of mountains in the way.  So no self spotting will be possible.  Hope we can log a QSO.  As usual, I will be doing custom QSL cards for all contacts.

73, JohnnyF, WJ0NF


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